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About The Ames Foundation

In 1975, the Ames City Council appointed more than 30 citizens to the Ames American Revolution Bicentennial Commission to plan for the city's participation in the 200th anniversary of our country.  Persons on this commission were given the opportunity to serve in one of three areas: Heritage, Festival or Horizon.  Heritage volunteers dealt with history, the Festival group planned for the actual celebration and the Horizon team focused on the future of the city.

The Horizon group thus became the ongoing section of the Ames American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, which was incorporated into the present non-profit organization to serve as a depository and collection organization for gifts and bequests "to make the City of Ames a better place to live."

The Ames Foundation was incorporated in May of 1975.


To contact a specific board member:

Access our current Board Member listing and click on the name of the individual that you wish to contact.  From there, you will be able to send him/her a message using your preferred email platform.

To learn about our recent projects:

A summary of beautification and betterment projects is available via the Our Projects page.

To make a general inquiry:

Visit the Contact Us page and send an email to our executive board or directly to the current president.

To make a donation:

Make a Donation to The Ames Foundation through the Story County Community Foundation and take advantage of the Endow Iowa tax credit.

To submit a project proposal:

If your organization wishes to submit a project proposal for funding by The Ames Foundation, complete and submit the brief Project Partnership Application form.  A member of the board will follow up with you to discuss your project in greater detail.




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