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Ames Miracle Playground and Field

The Ames Foundation is proud to help bring such a great project to life in our community. The Miracle Playground and Field will give children and adults with mental and physical disabilities the opportunity to participate in recreational and competitive sports, as well as use the playground. Regardless of whether one is in a wheelchair or has an intellectual disability, all people want and deserve the right to play, which is a vital part of development and inclusion. We hope you will consider helping us bring this one-of-a-kind opportunity to Ames so that all who want to play can do so.

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Contributions to the Ames Community Tree Program

The Foundation is currently seeking funds to support its multi-year partnership with the City of Ames aimed at expediting the reforestation of public canopies affected by the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). In addition to raising funds, we are also coordinating volunteers to carry out twice-annual plantings. Our goal is to secure private funding and volunteer support to plant an additional 250-300 trees per year above what the City is undertaking as part of its EAB response plan.

Visit our Ames Community Tree Program project page to learn more about the program and/or to volunteer for an upcoming planting. Or, donate now via our secure PayPal account. Each planted/mulched tree is valued at $250, so we encourage donations in increments thereof. That said, all contribution amounts are welcome.

Note that dollars raised in response to this campaign will be directed, in full, to the Ames Community Tree Program. That said, your tax-deductible donation will be put right back into the community, also ensuring that that Ames’ neighborhood canopies are restored in quicker order, with less impact on the tax base, and while building a sense of pride and community with each planting.

Endowment/Planned Giving

Should you wish to donate to our operating fund and/or future projects (as determined by the Foundation board), you also have the option to direct contributions to the Ames Foundation Endowment established with the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines. This option is also ideal for those wishing to name The Ames Foundation in their Will or to establish one of many other forms of planned giving.

Simply visit the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines website to begin the process. After confirming that the Fund Name appears at "Ames Foundation Endowment", fill out the secure Give Now form adding information pertinent to your donation:

  • Individual information
  • Honoree information (if appropriate)
  • Donation information
  • Method of payment

Required information is marked with a red asterisk and the Fund Search fields will be pre-populated based on your fund choice.  Once you have completed the form, type the code you see below the form into the box provided.  Simply click "Submit" and your donation will be processed.

Thank you for your commitment to making Ames a better community!

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