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Ames Miracle Playground and Field



More than 3500 children with special needs between ages 5 and 15 live in Polk, Boone, Dallas, and Story Counties and more than 500 attend Ames and Gilbert schools. Although the number of adults with special needs is more difficult to measure, statistics show that nearly 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. has a disability. There has, and continues to be, a lack of recreational facilities for this population and the ability to participate in sports leagues is almost non-existent. Regardless of whether one is in a wheelchair or has an intellectual disability, all people want and deserve the right to play, which is a vital part of development and inclusion. 

The Ames Miracle Playground and Field is a two part project. Part one is the All-Inclusive Playground, which includes 100% accessible playground features on a rubberized surface, catering to children with physical, cognitive, and sensory disabilities.  The second part of the project is a custom field made of cushion, rubberized turf, accessible by wheelchair and other assistive devices. This feature will have options for competitive and noncompetitive athletic events, specifically targeted towards children and adults with disabilities. 

In the below video, Sheila Lundt provides a project update and a tour of the playground, and the Jensen family discusses what the project means to them and our community:

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