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Ames Community Tree Program

Roosevelt planting, April 25, 2015

The Situation

The emerald ash borer (EAB) insect has been found in Story County and the damage it will soon inflict upon Ames' very large ash tree population is significant. Over the next five years, approximately 5,000 ash trees in public spaces scattered throughout the city must be removed and replaced.

Ash trees are common in Ames and can be found in practically every neighborhood. Their loss, coupled with costs associated with replacing them, presents a huge challenge for our entire community – and this is a challenge The Ames Foundation and the City of Ames have joined forces to address.

For more information about tree and EAB identification, and to read about the City's official response plan, we offer these resources:

The Partnership/Plan

In the spring of 2015, The Ames Foundation entered a multi-year partnership with the City of Ames to fund and plant trees to replace the ash that will be lost to the EAB. The Foundation’s primary role is to raise funds needed to help defray the cost of new trees and to organize interested citizens who will help plant and maintain these trees in our community parks, green spaces, and rights-of-way. Our ultimate goal is to secure private funding and volunteer support to plant an additional 200-250 trees per year above what the City is undertaking as part of its EAB response plan.

Volunteering to Plant Trees

Directors of The Ames Foundation are excited and committed to working with the City of Ames on this important community betterment program. in 2016 The Ames Foundation volunteers planted well over 150 trees. The most recent planning was on April 22, 2017, where a large group of volunteers planted nearly 150 trees. The spring planting took place in the area between 20th and 13th streets (north/south) and Duff and Grand avenues (east/west).

The next tree planting will take place on October 7th, 2017. More details will be provided as the date approaches. 

All are welcome to participate! Visit our Facebook page for the latest planting day details and additional resources. 

Roosevelt planting, April 25, 2015

Donating to the Ames Community Tree Program

Each planted/mulched tree is valued at $250 and we encourage donations in increments thereof. That said, all contribution amounts are welcome.

Note that dollars raised in response to this campaign will be directed, in full, to the Ames Community Tree Program. That said, your tax-deductible donation will be put right back into the community, also ensuring that that Ames’ neighborhood canopies are restored in quicker order, with less impact on the tax base, and while building a sense of pride and community with each planting.

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