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Project Partnership Application


The Ames Foundation is committed to advancing our community by showcasing the generosity and sprit in Ames for a better tomorrow. In partnership with community members and organizations, we have participated with many public projects that have a wide-ranging impact on the City of Ames and its residents. To learn more, please visit Our Mission and Our Projects.


The Ames Foundation serves as the catalyst for the identification and execution of projects that enhance quality of life and create a greater sense of community among citizens. The Ames Foundation’s volunteer board seeks to work with partners whose mission complements our own, on projects that will have the biggest impact on our community. We typically provide support as a passthrough organization*, holding and dispersing funds for projects of all sizes. We are not a fundraising consultant, a granting organization, nor project/construction managers.

*In this capacity, the Ames Foundation takes a 2% fund management fee on all funds we hold. This is typical for organizations like ours and provides operating funding for the Foundation.

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