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Project Partnership Application

  • Overview of TAF mission and what we will (and possible won’t?) do in relation to community projects
  • Overview of expectations and responsibilities for TAF and partner organizations
  • Explanation of 2% fund management fee
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Partner/Partner Organization Name: *
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Organizational Mission and brief description: *
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Explanation of how the project meets The Ames Foundation's mission and how it will benefit the community.  
Project Timeline
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Milestones with Expected Dates: *
Expected Completion Date: *
Requested Role for Ames Foundation: *
Expected Project Budget - Expenses by category
Cash/grants/pledges in hand: *
Planning/Project development: *
Construction: *
Equipment: *
Individual Gifts:  
Identify potential major donors: *
Outline role you would like The Ames Foundation to play: *
Donor Stewardship Plan: *
If fundraising goals are not met, how will the funds be used? How will donor intent be met?: *
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